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Hymn to Saraswati

(The following poem is the opening stanza of the epic Sulochana. I have supplied the title.)

Twang the sinews of the heart,
seducing it with a fresh melody,
You with the strings in your hands,
O destroyer of ignorance.

Like the first rising star 
of the morning
you are a shower of light 
upon a New Age.

Resonating each sweet note
of softly trembling rays,

sensitizing the world,
awakening it,
causing the fragrance-laden breeze 
to blow

with energetic fingers 
new voices 
filled with golden desires,

creating the effulgence 
of a New Age with a smile,
paint the Nepali sky,
animating with fresh hues
the foundation lines
of a new world.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota
Trans: Padma Devkota