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The Bird

The night is cold
The bird will rest in this nest
At first light it will fly away!
In the vast wilderness
a green branch, and in its crotch
the bird has flown
to take shelter;
It collected the passion twigs,
arranged them for warmth;
It laid the eggs with love
and covered them with its feathers;
The dream bird grows ecstatic
asleep in the storm, drunk!
This is no place to live forever,
The road winds beyond the mountain!
Do you see this nest in your dream
as good and lovely and truthful?
In the morning, the storm
blows away this nest,
Tears wash away your dream,
The fruits in your claws
loosen and fall.
Awake and realize, O Bird!
Quit this halting place and fly!
Even while dreaming, envision
where the wings should lead you;
You have to access that shelter
where no wind nor flame can enter.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota
Translation: Shreedhar Lohani