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Now softly spreads a rosy sheen
as evening on light feet 
alights on the sunset peak,
the silver sun in her hand 
becomes a golden tray.
Heaven's lovely gate,
an artistic display of divine art, 
opens slowly 
as the radiant evening nymph

Rosy faced and golden,
she spreads a shawl of cloud as she touches 
radiant rungs with her feet;
glancing at the earth she darts 
a sweet, enchanting smile.
O, the westward flight of a crazed heart.
The world lulls in lovely colours,
mountains flame up, the sky shines,
the greenery billows
in the soft breeze.

Lovers hold the charming image 
of a peaceful lake in their hearts,--
like the one that is clearly reflected 
in the poet's heart:
serene and lovely.

The whole world dreams of a land of beauty.
The heart is borne, expands and reaches 
beyond the boundary of the boundless world.

In the infancy of civilization,
in quest of beauty,
each day on the road of life
evening comes cheerfully to people.
Each day, receiving her smile,
each day, drinking of this wine,
each day, spilling the heart all over it,
man has progressed.
A lovely banquet of beauty
the nourishment of the heart's vine, enchanting, 
with its sap a bloom,
all the flowers soft emotions.
Inside this expands 
all the main roots of life.

We dream.
We receive lovely insights 
in Mother Nature's lap.

Evening came, smiled charmingly,
spread an effulgence over life.
She released a myriad soft emotions.

Laxmi Prasad Devkota
Translation: Padma Devkota