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MONTHLY PROGRAMMES (2006) - dsrc org.np

News / Activities

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6. January 7, 2006. Padma Kannya Campus, Bagbazar: Mr. Satya Mohan Joshi gave a talk on his own epic Arnikoko Swetachaitya. He recited portions of the epic and also recalled his visit to China.

7. February 25, 2006. Padma Kannya Campus, Bagbazar: Mr. Hriseekesh Upadhyaya spoke about Poet Dekvota's international themes with a special focus on the poem titled "Asia."

8. March 18, 2006. In this programme jointly organized by Devkota Centre and Hari Sanskritic Kendra, Mr. Ammaraj Joshi and Mr. Hriseekesh Upadhyaya initiated a discussion of Litterateur Rajeshwor Devkota's Dabali, a novel that seeks a spiritual unity of humankind. Professor Dr. Vasudev Tripathi appreciated the novel as a thought provoking one and explained the central conflict, which is that between the recognition of duty and the desire for freedom.

9. July 15, 2006. Padma Kannya Campus, Bagbazaar: Mr. Shailendu Prakash Nepal initiated a discussion of Poet Devkota's "The Lunatic."

10. September 16, 2006. Padma Kannya Campus: Dr. Manfred Treu gave a talk on "Poet Devkota and his epic Shakuntala." Dr. Treu is a specialist in Shakuntala literature.

11. October 21, 2006. Shastri Marga, Maitidevi: Devkota Centre and Shastri Marga Community jointly commemorated the 98th. Birth Anniversary of Poet Devkota. A portion of Savitri Satyavan was performed by Vinod Manjan, Gyatri Bista, and Rameshwar Raut Matridas.

12. November 11, 2006. Kavi-Kunja, Maitidevi: Members of Devkota Centre met to discuss Poet Devkota's "To a Beautiful Chyamini." Professor Dr. Rameshwor Prasad Adhikary spoke on "The Devkota I Knew."

13. December 16, 2006. Kavi-Kunja, Maitidevi: Devkota Centre organized a discussion programme on how best to go about in trying to conserve Devkota's house where he was born and the house which he bought in Maitidevi.