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The Celestial Ganga

The Celestial Ganga



Faintly flows the celestial Ganga

in the monsoon sky.

Who are you? A stream

of dust, or imagination?

Countless are the sands

on your bank.



A splinter from a blazing granule,

a gem in fondness;

Here we, the nested worms,

look at you with breath suspended;

Waves of wonder roll

in your waterways.



Our ages breathless

swam in the waves;

On wings of imagination

you flow, transcending knowledge;

On which hillside were you born,

your melody echoes from the ocean, though?



Who will sport this glowing cracker?

In what fondness?

Whose blue mind’s sparking is it?

A bird of light flapping up

its wings? Like feelings,

in the faint fog, welling?



Proximal foamy

in no time,

full dazzling diamonds round

widen up my eyes!

Hearts stop

on your sandy banks.



Is someone pulsating today

with ripples of emotion?

O poetry of eternity!

O stream of winking suns

waving sinuous you flow

in the blue heavens.



Our hearts connect

in the fountain!

In me emotions rage,

hers scatter in heaven;

In fondness meet

eternity’s two ends!


Translated by: Shreedhar Lohani