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Forest and People

Forest and People

I see the forest as people’s brother, the people as the forest’s, 
See! What an exchange of soul! Of taking and giving!
The goddess of the forest wears green to please the eyes,
She bedecks herself in colourful flowers to introduce the soul.
Taken aback, people behold her, their hearts melting;
I have not seen God’s smile sparkle anywhere else like this!
We share system and movement, without discarding dance,
Forest and people live on earth in soulful embrace.
People and people do not live in harmony, those two do,
Forest helps people, people help forest to grow and bloom.
Sages lived in deep forests to study this relationship;
They nurtured the world with divine truth, they restrained themselves.
People who tire of lime and bricks choose the forest,
To nurture people with her branches, the forest spreads her hands.
Embellishing with solitude the green and blue world of the forest,
The human soul, desirous of contact, becomes impoverished in speech,
Goddess Nature, looking very beautiful in emeralds,
Beckons, spraying perfumes, beaming to say something.
I shall go, I shall go to the banks where Bagmati, in a cool shade,
Washes very clean the water on a rock
And clears for a while tottering on the velvety moss!
The sky-rose having faded, until the dew,
Two drops of stars, have fallen, I shall converse—
Becoming colourful for a brief moment, filling the two eyes,
I shall take leave!

Translation: Padma Devkota
(From: Laxmi Geeti-Sangraha)